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Johnson's Shut-Ins - Natural Waterpark In Missouri

Lodging - Johnson's Shut-ins State Park - Plain & Fancy Bed and Breakfast, Ironton, Arcadia Valley, MO
If you're looking for places to stay near Johnson's Shut-ins, Missouri's natural water park and geologic wonder, Plain & Fancy B&B would love to have you.  Just minutes from the Johnson's Shut-ins, you'll enjoy our luxurious accommodations at our farm getaway in the country.  Enjoy relaxing in our swimming pool, go horseback riding and luxuriate in our gardens and hot tub under the stars.

About Johnson's Shut-ins State Park

The swift waters of the East Fork Black River flow through a canyonlike gorge called a "shut-in" at Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park. These igneous rocks were formed nearly 1.5 billion years ago when violent volcanic eruptions threw ash and hot gases into the air. As these materials settled to the ground and cooled, they formed the rhyolite rock seen at the park today.  In low places, the swift Black River became shut-in by the hard igneous rocks, swirling and churning to form huge potholes, and breaking away the weaker rock to create natural water slides and canyon-like gorges.

This immense natural playground is the primary feature of the 180-acre Johnson’s Shut-Ins Natural Area, only a portion of the 8,549-acre Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park.  The history and geology of Johnson's Shut-ins is truly fascinating. Read in-depth information and see more photos of Johnson's Shut-ins at  Learn about the recovery of Johnson's Shut-ins after the breach of the Taum Sauk Reservoir, the "new" areas and the extensive restoration of the park where 900 million years of Earth’s history was revealed in the scour area of the breach (a "silver-lining" to geologists worldwide).

Spectaular Johnson's Shut-ins State Park

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